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I never thought in my life that I will become a diet consultant. Now my client says that I am the best they have ever met. I was not even aware of profession. Look at the destiny! Now I feel that the purpose of my life is to share true knowledge in simple words about healing power of food and nutrition therapy.

Let me tell you about my background. My grandfather was a hard-working farmer. He understood the importance of education and sent all his nine children to School. My father was born in the year 1947 when India got freedom from British Empire. My father did his graduation in agriculture science and became government employee. Exactly 30 years later I was born in the 1977. India, who had a glorious past, once a rich nation 500 years back, was a poor country at the time of independence. My father used to get meager payment as government employee. So, money always remained an issue at home.

When the whole world was watching television, we got one in 1992. My father could afford to buy me an old used motor bike in 2002 when I finished my college.


I used to travel by railway in my childhood because it was the cheapest mode of transportation. There are three categories of coaches in a train. Air-Conditioned coaches, non-AC reserved coaches and non-Reserved coaches. Non reserved coaches have a seating capacity of approximately 72 people but 500 people travel inside it. You can imagine even standing becomes difficult. I used to travel in this category because it was the cheapest.


Going through hardships in life, I had a very strong desire to grow and achieve success in life. I started reading autobiography of successful people and learnt that entrepreneurship is the only way to succeed in life. I was searching for a coach who can help me to grow in life, but I didn't know anyone. So, books became my coach. When you read a book, you develop a bond with the author. It happened with me, and I developed a bond with many authors. They became my emotional support. This bond grew stronger when I started watching their videos.


I wanted to become a doctor but could not get selected on government sponsored medical college, so went on to become a pharmacist by joining a pharmacy college. After finishing my pharmacy, I started working as salesman for diabetic drugs in a top pharmaceutical company in Bangalore. Here I learned about diabetes and its complications. I was among the top sales performer in my company and earned lot of motivational books. These books were very exciting as they could teach me to improve my life. I started reading them every day and started buying more of them. I worked in Bangalore for some time and came to Delhi to pursue my entrepreneurship dreams. I got married and soon thereafter I resigned from job and started a pharmaceutical Company in the year 2005.


Grass looks greener on the other side. This held good for me as well. It was not easy being an entrepreneur. I was struggling in my Business. My business was not generating enough cash. Although my wife was working, but due to some complications during her pregnancy she had to leave her job. Once again, I faced same problem, no money.

In 2006 my daughter was born. At that time my wife was dealing with her post pregnancy weight gain. She tried lot of methods to reduce weight, but nothing worked out. One day, early morning on breakfast table she was frustrated from her weight loss efforts, she said "you keep reading books all the time, why don’t you read something on weight loss". These were the divine words in my life, that changed my life forever.

Then I started reading on weight loss, diabetes and other health problems and I was astonished to find that lot of diseases can be treated with the help of food and nutrition therapy, we don’t need drugs for everything. Surprisingly I also found that not just weight, but diabetes can also be reversed with the help of food without using any drugs. Now I became passionate believer of food and nutrition therapy. I had knowledge of pharmaceutical science and gained lot of knowledge on healing power of food through self-study, now I could easily find the gap in system. This was so exciting for me that I was telling about this to everyone I met.


I designed a weight loss program for my wife, and she lost 10 kgs in few weeks. Earlier she was struggling to lose even 1 kg but now she not only lost weight but also felt more energetic and younger. This sudden success filled both of us with joy and happiness. I started helping other family members and friends also to solve their health problems and every time results were amazing. So, I decided to follow this passion and make it my profession.


As I was already selling lot of products in hospitals and had very good relationship with the doctors, I told them about my new profession as diet consultant. They happily started referring their patients for weight loss. l started home visits for diet consultation. All my clients were nice and friendly. They encouraged me and my efforts. They trusted my abilities and referred my name to their friends as well. Some people were so excited about their results that they asked me to give small talk in their office. I started giving free seminars on my concept of food and nutrition therapy in companies where thousands of people were working. Now more and more people started calling me for consultation. I enjoyed this newfound success and thanked God for his blessings.


Every person I met in this journey helped me to move forward. They helped me in helping others. I started gaining more knowledge. I started getting so many homes visit calls that I could no longer manage to do home visits and started a small consultation clinic at home.


Amazed at my success, my wife left her job and joined me in my passion for health and wellness. One plus one is not always equals to two, sometime its equal to 11 which happened to us as well. Soon around 2015, when ecommerce started picking up in India, we started selling our food products and supplements online on various marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart and our own website. Since the concept and the products were unique and result oriented, our sales started rising sharply. Today we are the largest manufacturer of low carb food products in India and exporting our products worldwide.

I have reached a stage where I no longer must deal with financial worries. Now I am free to follow my passion to educate people about food and nutrition therapy which I am doing through my YouTube channel Diabexy. The Diabexy Channel became a big hit and attracted lacs of subscribers not only in India but worldwide within a very short period.   

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