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About Lokendra Tomar

Mr. Lokendra Tomar, Weight Loss & Wellness Coach is a Nutritionist, Dietician, Pharmacist, Author and an Entrepreneur. He operates from his two Weight Loss Clinics in Gurgaon Delhi NCR. He believes that food is the best medicine. He believes in sharing true knowledge about food and its impact on body and how diet & nutrition helps in weight loss and other life style related diseases. He has researched and developed a unique Weight Loss Program which is based on Metabolic Correction and Hormonal balancing for the first time in India.

He is fond of reading books and this reading habit lead to an accidental discovery of a “Weight Loss Program” when his wife needed to lose her post pregnancy weight. This was the time when he discovered some eye opening facts that there are many diseases including obesity which can be treated with the help of food without any medicines.

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